A Vasectomy in Sydney Remains the Ideal Birth Control Method

Dr. Jennifer Landa’s article for FoxNews.com discusses vasectomy, how it works, what risks are involved, and who should consider getting it. Landa describes the surgical procedure as non-invasive considering that it does not involve huge incisions, and takes only 20 to 30 minutes to complete. Compared with tubal ligation for women, a vasectomy is less […] Read more »

Vasectomy in Sydney Can Greatly Help in the City’s Future Stability

Population growth in Sydney, Australia presently appears to be stable, with no apparent concerns for a population explosion. Sydney’s manageable population size fares well with its economy, as infrastructure developments in all sectors are underway. This makes for a positive outlook for the city, but forecasts on the housing sector are not quite as good. Read more »

No-Scalpel Vasectomy in Sydney: More Painless Way to Sterilisation

Vasectomy is an invasive procedure, but major medical breakthroughs have now allowed this to be performed without incisions, and therefore, with much reduced bleeding and pain. The less invasive procedure is called “no-scalpel vasectomy” (NSV), and has found its way to more than 40 countries, including Australia. An article in the WHO Reproductive Health Library […] Read more »